Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to the Acme Bike Shuttle Blog

We're busy getting our new web site (www.acmeshuttle.com) up and running, as well as gearing up for the fall riding season. Autumn's the best time of year to ride in Moab, so if you're planning a trip down, we'll be happy to get you to the trailheads.

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alex deckard said...

Hi Kyle,

I'm a web designer/aspiring bike-bum living in Park City, and will be coming down to Moab in a couple weeks. I was doing some general searches for shuttle services and noticed that your website appears to be defunct. I just thought I'd reach out to you and offer you my services and see if we can get your new site up and running.

If you're interested I'd love to discuss more thoroughly as well as share my thoughts as to how I can help improve your business. You can check out my site and learn a little more about myself at http://alexdeckard.com, although I'm in the midst of a site revamp myself. You can contact me through my contact page at http://alexdeckard.com/contact.

Look forward to hearing from you,