Monday, November 12, 2007

Acme Shuttle On The Road

Moab's awesomest mountain bike shuttle service, Acme Bike Shuttle, hit the road last weekend and sailed from the Moab desert into the birthplace of mountain biking, Marin County. Acme's owner/driver Kyle Mears is a phenomenal rider, and tossed a front brake rotor on his new bike to give the bike a test run on some singltrack. Marin's most technical singletrack was no match for Kyle. When asked about the ride after it was over, I distinctly recall him saying, "What rocky section?" in reference to a section walked by every other member in the group. At the bottom of a very technical descent, including three steep rocky sections that have most riders quaking in their SPD's, Kyle (waiting politely at the bottom) had a big grin to offer. "That was so fun!"

As winter downtime starts up in Moab, Kyle will be honing his skills and expanding his terrain expertise. When you plan your trip out to Moab in the spring, call Acme Shuttle 435-260-2534 to take you to the trailheads. If you're lucky (and nice!) Kyle might even do the ride with you.

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